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  Special Spots

Sightseeing in Uchinada

Lover’s Sanctuary


In April 2009, the entire Uchinada Coast as well as the Uchinada Sunset Bridge area were designated as a sanctuary for lovers. Uchinada Sunset Bridge is a 344m long cable-stayed bridge and is a landmark of Uchinada because of how it stands out when lit up at night.

Uchinada General Park


This park is located on a hill overlooking the Sea of ​​Japan. Facilities such as an indoor heated pool, indoor multi-purpose plaza, soccer field, tennis court, baseball field, bicycle stadium, and observation deck are all located in the same area, and the large boat-shaped playground equipment is very popular with children. Nearby there is also the Uchinada Cycling Terminal where you can stay the night and/or rent a barbecue.

Obama Shrine


The main shrine was built by the rulers of the Kaga domain in 1832 and was relocated to its current location in 1889. The Obama Shrine is a venerable shrine which was recognized by the Maeda clan during their rule of the region.

Uchinada Road Station “Sunset Park”


Uchinada Road Station “Sunset Park” is located at the top of the hill Uchinada was built upon and is a great location to overlook the Kahoku Lagoon, Hakusan and the Tateyama mountains from the Sea of ​​Japan. You can see the Sunset Bridge up close. At night the bridge is lit up from beneath. All of this has led to the road station gaining popularity as a date spot.

Uchinada Museum of History and Folklore “The House of Wind and Sand”


You can familiarize yourself with the unique history and culture of Uchinada at this Museum. Awagasaki Amusement Park, the Uchinada Struggle, and other exhibits and artifacts pertaining to Uchinada folklore and history are introduced in detail throughout the museum.

Uchinada Coast


The closest sandy beach to Kanazawa is located in Uchinada. Here you can enjoy marine sports all year round. The Uchinada coastline features an expansive beach and has been designated as one of the Ministry of the Environment’s “100 Best Swimming Beaches in Japan”.

Kite Making Experience


Anyone can experience Japanese kite making at the Uchinada Kite Association’s work shop!

Remains of U.S. Army Shooting Range


In 1952, the Uchinada Struggle broke out after the occupation government announced that Uchinada’s coast would be used for a U.S. military artillery test firing range. The building that was used as the command post during that time has been quietly left behind.

Chinese Garden


This Chinese garden stands in a residential area behind Uchinada Town Hall. The garden was built to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the exchange between Uchinada Town and its international friendship city of Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province, China (now Wujiang District) .

Overnight Accomedations & Other Facilities

Cycling Terminal

The Cycling Terminal is an inn next to Uchinada General Park.

Hot Spring ‘Honobonoyu’

You can look out at a panoramic view of Kahoku Lagoon and the Hakusan mountains from this local hot spring.